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phone: +(48-12) 662-6317 (Office-504), +(48-12) 662-7802 (Cryogenic Laboratory)
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Welcome! Mössbauer Spectroscopy Division was engaged in high temperature emission Mössbauer spectroscopy for a long time. We observed diffusional motions of atoms on microscopic scale. We are interested in applying synchrotron radiation to study lattice dynamics as well. Recently the laboratory is engaged in the investigations of the iron-based superconductors.

Due to the reorganization of the Institute of Physics, Pedagogical University in Cracow, Poland the Mössbauer Spectroscopy Division ceased to exist on August 31st, 2017, and respective laboratory was incorporated into the Chair of Experimental Physics belonging to above Institute. Hence, this page and all following sub-pages become of the archival character without further active maintenance. Those interested in Mosgraf-2009 should contact directly K.Ruebenbauer at the E-mail address posted herein.

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