Important files for Ph.D. students

Mössbauer Spectroscopy Division, Pedagogical University, Cracow, Poland

[1]Basic information on the Mössbauer spectroscopy - for details see: Ms_basic.pdf
[2]Mössbauer spectroscopy of the iron-based superconductors - for details see: Superconductors.pdf
[3]Synchrotron generated Mössbauer radiation (SGMR) interferometry - for details see: SGMR Interferometry.pdf
[4]Example of the motional narrowing - for details see: Motional Narrowing.pdf
[5]Seminar on Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics - for details see: Seminar Topics.pdf
[6]Relativistic Mössbauer experiments - for details see: Rotor.pdf
[7]Conventionality thesis - for details see: conventionality.pdf

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